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Pneumatic Cylinders are Unreliable...
IAI EleCylinder is Better!

Even pneumatic (air) cylinder manufacturers accept that their products are unreliable. Because they only move at one speed, they crash into the set start and finish points and literally shake themselves to pieces. Add to that, the degredation and wear of the valves and you can see why traditional air cylinders aren't really a long term option. But there is a reliable alternative - IAI EleCylinder. 

There's nothing wrong with our air cylinders... they break & we order a new one. They are cheap as chips, so it doesn't matter if they don't last very long.

These are some of the usual arguments we hear for using air cylinders and when you only look at the unit cost, it sounds OK. The initial cost of a air cylinder may be small, but what is the overall cost to your business?

IAI EleCylinder - The Better Alternative to Pneumatics.

Are Breakdowns Damaging Your Productivity?

Breakdowns caused by traditional air cylinders aren’t just annoying, they are damaging your productivity and can result in late deliveries (let’s face it, when is the last time you had a breakdown that wasn’t at the worst possible moment?) Even small delays can really mount up when they are repeated over and over again. The replacement cylinder needs installing, setting up and adjusting to make sure it is running correctly – which all takes more time.

IAI EleCylinder is an innovative solution which has been specifically developed to create advantages over air cylinders. With its built-in controller, EleCylinder is a straight replacement for your traditional air cylinders. Their unit cost is more than the pneumatic alternative, but EleCylinder offers long-term reliability which will drive your business forward. Does that sound interesting?

Long Service Life.

Instead of an impact mechanism, the EleCylinder incorporates a ball screw and ball circulating type built-in linear guide to achieve a long service life. Based on calculation using conditions below, the lifespan of EleCylinder is five times longer than that of the traditional air cylinders. 

Wear Free Operation.

Because IAI EleCylinder doesn’t use air to move, there are no leaks and no valves to wear out. You get smooth operation that doesn’t deteriorate over time because they do not wear out.

Read; Pneumatic Cylinders Are Inefficient. IAI EleCylinder is Better! 

Reduce Momentary Stops in Production.

Depending on the state of your air cylinders, various issues can trigger momentary stops on your production line. With increased reliability, IAI EleCylinder can eliminate these stops.

Short-term v's Long-term Costs

Traditional air cylinders may appear to be a cheap option, but their running costs are huge and the additional costs associated with set up and ensuring they continue to do their job will continue to mount up over their lifetime.

Electrical actuators are a great alternative to air cylinders, but until now they have been over-specified and too expensive for simple applications. The IAI EleCylinder is designed as a straightforward replacement for pneumatics, using similar on/off signals and 2-point operation to make it easy – and more cost effective. OK, they still have higher upfront costs, but with a longer lifespan and much better reliability, over time they will enable your business to compete better, reduce costs and improve product quality.

Looking for More Information? We can help with that...

If you are fed up of trying to make your air cylinders work, or would like to know more about the IAI EleCylinder alternative, why not call 01254 685900 and our Technical Specialists will be happy to discuss your application. Whether Food & Beverage, Automotive or Process industry, we're sure that we can help you to find the best solution for your requirements.

Better Reliability with IAI EleCylinder at LC Automation



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