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Pneumatic Cylinders Are Inefficient.
IAI EleCylinder is Better!

You may not realise how much energy your business wastes on traditional pneumatic (air) cylinders every year. Air cylinders account for around 25% of an average factory’s energy costs and they are so inefficient that much of that will be wasted. They may be cheap to buy, but are their ongoing energy costs holding your business back? There is an efficient alternative - IAI EleCylinder.

Almost every factory in the UK uses air cylinders. They're a traditional solution to a variety of simple tasks and operations, moving backwards and forwards hundreds of times each day.

IAI EleCylinder - The Better Alternative to Pneumatics.

But Air Cylinders Are Cheap, Aren't They?

The initial cost of an air cylinder is very small compared to how much energy it will consume each year. Ongoing costs are easy to overlook or ignore completely, but they are hitting your company’s bottom line. As energy costs continue to rise, the situation is not going to get any better and if you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint, large scale waste is simply not an option.

Energy Efficiency for Air Cylinder

The Energy Efficient Alternative

Choosing an alternative to air cylinders, means you can do without the compressors, leaky pipes and all the other parts of a pneumatic system that waste so much energy. IAI EleCylinder is an innovative solution which has been specifically developed with a built-in controller as a straight replacement for your traditional air cylinders. Their unit cost is more that pneumatic alternatives, but with massive improvements in efficiency and lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), EleCylinder will cut your energy usage and reduce your bills for years to come.

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Additional Costs Mount Up Year on Year

Traditional air cylinders may be cheap to buy, but their energy usage and additional costs associated with ensuring they continue to do their job will continue to mount up year on year. Obviously, the more your air cylinders work and the higher their operational frequency, the more money you can save by switching to IAI EleCylinder.

Electrical actuators are a great alternative to air cylinders, but until now they have been over-specified and too expensive for simple applications. The IAI EleCylinder is designed as a straightforward replacement for pneumatics, using similar on/off signals and 2-point operation to make it easy – and more cost effective. OK, they still have higher upfront costs, but with a longer lifespan and much better reliability, over time they will enable your business to compete better, reduce costs and improve product quality.

Looking for More Information? We can help with that...

If you are fed up of trying to make your air cylinders work, or would like to know more about the IAI EleCylinder alternative, why not call 01254 685900 and our Technical Specialists will be happy to discuss your application. Whether Food & Beverage, Automotive or Process industry, we're sure that we can help you to find the best solution for your requirements.

Better Efficiency with IAI EleCylinder at LC Automation



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