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Pneumatic Cylinders are Hard to Control...
IAI EleCylinder is Better!

Pneumatics. Not only is it hard to spell, when it comes to pneumatic (air) cylinders they are also hard to set up, hard to control and hard to adjust. But there is a better alternative… IAI EleCylinder.

Almost every factory in the UK uses air cylinders. They are the traditional solution to a variety of simple tasks and operations, moving backwards and forwards hundreds of times each day. But we know they are not ideal. They are unreliable. They need constant adjustment. They need trained and experienced staff to set them up and keep them running.

'That’s the way we have always done things'

And yet businesses still use them. Maybe ‘that’s the way we have always done things.’ Maybe it’s because people don’t know there is a better solution. Maybe they appear to be cost effective because of the low unit cost of air cylinders? But is this holding your company back?

IAI EleCylinder is an innovative solution which has been specifically developed to create advantages over air cylinders. With a built-in controller, EleCylinder is a cost-effective option (in the mid-long term) and provides long term benefits and efficiencies which will drive your business forward. Does that sound interesting?

IAI EleCylinder - The Better Alternative to Pneumatics.

No Complicated Programming

Using data entry (by PC or teaching pendant), you simply set the same start and end points as your air cylinder. Producing a new product and need to change the positions? No problem, simply change the start and end points and it’s done.

IAI Elecylinder Better Control at LC Automation

No Complicated Set Up.

Acceleration, Velocity and Deceleration (AVD) can be easily set to minimise cycle times while ensuring product quality and efficiency is maximised. Again, this is done by simply changing the three variables using PC or teaching pendant – in less than 5 minutes!

IAI EC Elecylinder Better Control at LC Automation

No Ongoing Adjustment.

Unlike air cylinders, IAI EleCylinder provides accurate positioning and excellent repeatability which does not vary over time. Air cyclinders need regular adjustment by trained engineers to ensure consistent performance. That might only take a few minutes a day, but even 12 minutes each day adds up to an hour over a 5-day week… or 50 hours of lost production every year. How much does that cost your business?

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IAI EleCylinder is the New Alternative

Traditional air cylinders may be very cheap to buy, but their running costs are huge and the additional costs associated with set up and ensuring they continue to do their job will continue to mount up over their lifetime.

Electrical actuators are a great alternative to air cylinders, but until now they have been over-specified and too expensive for simple applications. The IAI EleCylinder is designed as a straightforward replacement for air cylinders, using similar on/off signals and 2-point operation to make it easy – and more cost effective. OK, they still have higher upfront costs, but with better control, better repeatability and easier adjustment, over time they will enable your business to compete better, reduce costs and improve product quality.

Looking for More Information? We can help with that...

If you are fed up of trying to make your air cylinders work, or would like to know more about the IAI EleCylinder alternative, why not call 01254 685900 and our Technical Specialists will be happy to discuss your application. Whether Food & Beverage, Automotive or Process industry, we're sure that we can help you to find the best solution for your requirements.

IAI EC EleCylinder Better Control at LC Automation