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Apex Dynamics, an Open and Shut Case at MVG Industries UK Ltd

Apex Dynamics works with its customers to design solutions that use the very best in servo gearboxes, motors, and rack and pinion systems. This case study outlines exactly how Apex Dynamics rises to the challenges that face mechanical engineers.

The Client

MVG Industries UK Ltd (previously Rainford EMC Systems Ltd), specialises in bespoke turnkey shielded chamber solutions for the antenna and EMC testing, RF and EMP markets.

The Project

MVG Industries secured a contract to construct an above-ground testing chamber facility for a US defence company. Standing at 40m long, 20m high and 20m wide, access to the building was through a 26-tonne steel door that drew out from a steel frame before opening sideways. The gigantic door itself stands at 14m high and 7m wide.

The Requirement

With his mechanical knowhow and industry expertise, MVG Industries’ Antony Lowry led on the project and knew that he needed a gearing system and rack and pinion solution capable of doing the job, particularly given the sheer size of the door.

And that’s where Apex Dynamics came in…                                      

The Solution

Assessing the challenge and working closely with Antony, Apex Dynamics designed a solution that included motors and gearboxes for all axis, and a rack and pinion combination. The solution was put to the test in a model rig built at MVG’s headquarters especially for the task, replicating the new facility but with much smaller dimensions.

Motors and gearboxes for all axis, and a rack and pinion combination.

The bearings and running gear was rigorously tested under loading and passed with flying colours! The Apex Dynamics motors, gearboxes and rack and pinion products will be incorporated into the new facility, which began construction in February last year in an 18-month build scheme.

Project Manager Antony Lowry, MVG Industries UK Ltd commented

“I did the research and shortlisted three companies. Coming from a mechanical background, I knew what I needed but not the exact details, and so needed expert guidance and support. I chose Apex Dynamics because they gave me confidence they could deliver the right solution.

“Apex Dynamics was very good and came back with a solution that helped us to put everything together. A product has to do a job and we had confidence in the Apex team, and I am very grateful for the assistance they gave to me and my colleagues. I would certainly recommend them.”

Apex Dynamics has a vast amount of experience in assisting customers who need a cost-effective solution that works first time. They have the right products and the technical knowhow to work closely with customers and ensure projects are successfully completed. In this case, a lot of work went into the calculations so the door would move effortlessly and at the right speed, helping MVG Industries UK Ltd to deliver an excellent solution for their client.

Looking for More Information? We Can Help With That…

Apex Dynamics Gearboxes has a massive range of servo gearboxes, motors, and rack and pinion systems available. If you are looking for more information, need help to specify the right solution for your needs or want to order an Apex Dynamics Gearbox for delivery in just 3-weeks, call us on 01254 685900 and our experts will be happy to help.

Rack and pinion combination