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Red Lion FlexEdge™ Edge Automation Platform

Red Lion’s FlexEdge™ Intelligent Edge Automation Platform is a scalable solution to integrate complex
multi-vendor environments into digital transformation strategies. The changeable sled architecture
enables organisations to leverage new communication technologies as they become available.

Powered by the programming software Crimson® 3.2, you can select the right software functionality for the application: Networking gateway, protocol gateway, advanced IIoT gateway or an automation controller with IEC 61131 capabilities.

Red Lion FlexEdge™ is a unique solution that can be expanded through software upgrades (OT) and flexibly adapts to new communication standards (IT) on one platform.

Red Lion FlexEdge™ General features

  • Integrates IT and OT on one platform
  • Flexible field-unlockable software upgrades with MQTT connection to pre-configured IIoT platforms
  • Retrofitting: Digitalisation of legacy equipment with protocol conversion >300 protocols – 1000 combinations
  • Secured datalogging with large storage and back-up
  • Changeable modular connection: Cloud/On Premise, 5G ready
  • Virtual HMI for a live remote monitoring
  • UL Class 1, Div.2 - ATEX / IECEx – ABS/DNV

Red Lion DA50A

The DA50A features one communication sled, and on-board I/O. A variety of serial and Ethernet ports enable easy integration to any application.

DA50A Technical specification

  • Inputs; 1 x digital/analogue
  • Outputs; 1 x digital (open circuit)
  • Ethernet port'; 1 x WAN-1x LAN
  • Serial ports; 1 x RS232-1 x RS485
  • Input voltage; 12-24V d.c.
  • Minimum power; 2.5-2.6W
  • Operating temperature; -40 to 75°C
  • Certifications; ATEX, IECEx, UL hazardous

Red Lion DA70A

Up to three communications sleds can be added as requirements change. Rugged, field-installable PID control and I/O modules adapt to any industrial application.

DA70A Technical specification

  • I/O; Up to 10 modules
  • Ethernet port; 1 x WAN-1 x LAN
  • Serial ports; 1/2 x RS232-2/1 x RS485
  • Input voltage; 12-24V d.c.
  • Minimum power; 4-4.5W
  • Operating temperature; -40 to 75°C
  • Certifications; ATEX, IECEx, UL hazardous


How Do I Order Red Lion FlexEdge™ ?

Some people asked how to specify and order the Red Lion FlexEdge™, so our Technical Support Engineers
have made it easy for you with our 4 step guide to specifying Red Lion FlexEdge;

Step 1. Select Your Software Group

Using this chart  choose the software group that meets your needs, either Networking Gateway,
Protocol Gateway, Advanced IIoT Gateway or Automation Controller


Step 2. Select Your FlexEdge Model

Software Group


(1x232, 2x485 Serial Ports)

(2x232, 1x485 Serial Ports)

Networking Gateway




Protocol Gateway




Advanced IIoT Gateway




Advanced IIoT Gateway
(HDMI enabled)




Automation Controller


Automation Controller
(HDMI enabled)



Step 3. Add Your Communication Sleds - One for DA50A, or up to 3 for DA70A

  • 4G LTE (Cat. 4) Cellular sled for North America                             DAS00CL9C4SAM000
  • 4G LTE (Cat. 4) Cellular sled for North America (Verizon)            DAS00CL9C4SVZ000
  • 4G LTE (Cat. 4) Cellular sled for EU, SE Asia and Asia Pacific       DAS00CL9C4SEU000
  • 4G LTE (Cat. 1) Cellular sled for Australia                                       DAS00CL9C1SAZ000
  • 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi sled                                                                      DAS00WF10N0AM000
  • Dual isolated RS-232 ports sled                                                       DAS00PN2221IS000
  • Dual isolated RS-485 ports sled                                                       DAS00PN2442IS000
  • Mixed isolated RS-232/RS-485 ports sled                                       DAS00PN2245IS000 
  • 1 port USB 2.0 host sled                                                                    DAS00PN40U400000


Step 4. Add up to three I/O and PID control modules (for 70A models only)

  • 8 x digital inputs/8 x SSR outputs                                                    DAM00I0DI0000000
  • 8 x digital inputs/8 x relay outputs                                                  DAM00I0DI0R00000
  • 6 x universal inputs                                                                            DAM00I0UIN610000
  • 8 x analogue outputs                                                                         DAM00I00UT8I0000
  • Single PID, relay and analogue outputs                                          DAM00PDP1RA00000
  • Single PID, SSR and analogue outputs                                            DAM00PDP1SA00000
  • Dual PID relay outputs                                                                       DAM00PDP2R000000
  • Dual PID SSR outputs                                                                         DAM00PDP2S000000
  • Dual PID SSR and heater current monitor                                      DAM00PDP2SM00000


Looking for More Information? We can help with that...

The Red Lion FlexEdge is a brand new product range which could revolutionise your network connectivity. If you have any questions or would like more information about how you select the correct FlexEdge products for your application, please give our Technical Support Team a call on 01254 685900. They will be happy to help!

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