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Pepperl & Fuchs Sensors for Industrial Vision In Automotive Plants Like Yours

The range of tasks for vision sensors in the automotive industry is as diverse as the sensor technology used. LC Automation, with our supply partner Pepperl & Fuchs, are here to help you figure out what you need!

The detection of fasteners in automotive construction, optical identification with a high-temperature range, and the detection of components in car body construction are only a few of the use cases for vision sensors in Automotive Plants.

Pepperl & Fuchs SmartRunner: Reliable Detection of Fasteners

In automotive body and component manufacturing, car bodies are comprised step by step with sheet metal parts, subassemblies and add-on parts. Fasteners such as rivets, screws, clips and sealing plugs must be seen and verified at various points throughout production. To allow this verification, a vision sensor can be mounted near the skid or as part of a robot arm.

The SmartRunner Matcher laser profile sensor is preconfigured for the detection of height profiles. The sensors laser is directed at the objects and the exact shape or contour that needs to be detected is 'learned' by the sensor. A trigger is set to initiate inspection, and the sensor detects whether the required components are in the correct position, or missing. It then sends a 'good' or 'bad' signal to the controller accordingly.

Some of the components can be very small and hard to distinguish from their background. Ideal for these challenging conditions, SmartRunner requires no contrast and can detect objects without the need for external light sources, regardless of the colour and surface condition of the component.

Pepperl+Fuchs' SmartRunner Matcher also provides the deviation of the current profile to the X and Z position that was initially set up, providing vital information to your operation. How much is the deviation, does an earlier process need adjusting, and by how much? Not only this, the sensor is capable of storing up to 32 profiles making it very user friendy with fast functionality.

Pepperl+Fuchs SmartRunner vision sensor automotive application

Reliable Optical Identification with a High-Temperature Range

Drying systems in paint lines have special conditions. Factors such as cyclical temperature changes, extremely high temperatures, and the effects of dust or paint puts a high demand on materials and technology. Despite extreme conditions, it's important that identification of the freshly painted car bodies is reliable when moved to the drying plant.

The robust OIT high-temperature identification system from Pepperl+Fuchs provides smooth process operation even at temperatures reaching 500°C. Of course, standard labels can't withstand those high temperatures, so SmartRunner can be used to read the punched code sheets under the skid instead. The system guarantees reliable identification of the car bodies, even when the labels are dirty or paint splattered.

Ambient light is not an issue either, as infrared side lighting allows for optimum contrast. Simple installation and commissioning enable smooth integration into your application, and the system is also maintenance free, due to the innovative one-piece housing with no other add-on parts.

Precise Detection of Components for Body Construction

In car body construction, the formed sheets must remain within narrow tolerance limits in three dimensions. This is where the Pepperl & Fuchs SmartRunner sensor can test the profile of the sheets, and pass that data to the respective quality assurance system, comparing it with your specifications and recording it for quality control purposes.

The Pepperl & Fuchs SmartRunner Explorer is the only laser profile sensor on the market to offer the output of a height profile, with the ability to generate a 2-D surface image. It's easy to integrate into your programming environment via an API, and has an Ethernet TCP/IP interface for connection to an IPC with full access to all parameters and output data. 

Detecting components both reliably and precisely, even on reflective surfaces like metal parts, makes this solution ideal for your automotive production line!

Looking for more information? We can help with that...

If you want to know more about Pepperl & Fuchs sensor solutions for your automotive operation, or have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch on 01254 685900 and our Technical Support Engineers will be happy to chat. Or, get your local Field Sales Engineer down to your site for some face-to-face advice.

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