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Good Luck! Safety For Underground Mining

The safety requirements for mining machines are high; a long and complex process ensues before the machine is ready for use. It's daunting, but Pilz are here to help.

To meet all the necessary safety specifications, the technology behind it must be programmed, tested and then installed on the machine. As Pilz was a long-standing and experienced development partner, Sandvik link icon also had them on board for the Sanvik MB670-1 Bolter Miner; used in longwall coal mining.

The ambitious goal of the Austrian mining machine manufacturer is to guarantee reliable explosion protection, among other things. The solution: today, the automation system PSS 4000 provides safe nozzle monitoring SMS III on the Bolter Miner - and the safe small controller PNOZmulti 2 performs safety functions such as emergency stop.

About Sandvik

The Austrian company Sandvik Mining and Construction G.m.b.H  link icon develops and produces heading and mining machines for cutting mineral and ore deposits and excavating road tunnels worldwide. The competence centre for development, engineering and production of continuous mining machines and mobile conveyor systems is located at its site in Zeltweg. The site has a history spanning more than 170 years and - like its products and services - belongs organisationally to the Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions division.

Pilz and Sandvik

Explosion Risk Safely Under Control

To completely exclude a potential hazard, it is essential to comply with the prescribed minimum values for water flow, water pressure and air pressure when the nozzles are used. The automation system PSS 4000 now takes the place of the previous system in monitoring the nozzles and the machine - with an optimised function range. As a result. if any nozzles are blocked or lost, for example, this can be detected safely. Depending on the machine, PSS 4000 also offers Sandvik the opportunity to adapt to the parameter settings again, or if necessary, the end user can do this himself - within the scope of the parameters enabled by Sandvik. Another benefit: each machine can be produced in series, as the solution can be used on various machine types. So the new nozzle monitoring system with PSS 4000 hits the mark as regards operability and operational safety - for total safety underground.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Customised Sandvik machines: parameter settings are now readily adaptable
  • State-of-the-art safety solution with PSS 4000 can be used on a variety of Sandvik's machine types and now enables series production
  • Today, the automation system PSS 4000 enables the nozzles to be fully monitored

"As Pilz is the expert in safety technology and has experience of
approval processes with the authorities, we decided to work with
Pilz to implement the project 'Nozzle monitoring SMS III'."

- Dominik Pichler, Manager Final Assembly Electronic Centre of the Mechanical
Cutting Division at Sandvik

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