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Rittal Data Centre Ensures High Availability, Reliability and Quality

Dubrovnik is one of the world's favourite tourist destinations. It attracts a growing number of visitors, and this popularity has meant ever-greater passenger traffic at the local airport, creating a need for an upgrade to the building itself and the IT infrastructure.

A new terminal was constructed, and Rittal was tasked with implementing a high availability data centre.

"An integral aspect of the data centre is the reliability needed for the long-term
development of the airport - both in terms of digital data storage and IT generally."

- Tomislav Macan, Maintenance and Development Manager, Dubrovnik Airport

Dependability, Security, Availability and Quality

A dependable data centre is key to the smooth running of any airport. And as Dubrovnik Airport is open 24 hours a day, high availability, reliability and quality of the IT infrastructure were the most important criteria for contract award. Rittal and local IT partners Kodeks, Combis and Optimal Sistemi presented a best-practice solution. As the data centre is the heart of the airport management system, and must comply with extremely high security standards, it was implemented as a separate, dedicated unit in a modular Rittal high-availability room.

Energy Efficiency

The server racks are arranged in two rows to ensure hot-aisle containment. This allows efficient cooling of the components in the server racks, and throughout the rest of the room. Rittal LCP CW systems allow the hot areas to be precisely targeted. Moreover, they boast outstanding energy-efficency, with a PUE of less than 1.2 under ideal conditions.

Robust Redundancy

In the event of a grid outage, the data centre can continue to operate by means of electricity from generators and modular ABB UPS systems. A unique distributed parallel architecture (DPA) guarantees robust redundancy, and the continuous, dependable supply of power to the new facility.

The data centre has a raised floor, allowing installations to be housed in the cavity below. In the event of a fire, an early warning system triggers a gas extinguishing solution. When the fire is detected, decompression flaps are automatically opened to prevent the overpressure generated by the gas from causing the room walls to deform. The independent data centre monitoring system automatically alerts the monitoring system of the host building.

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