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Thinking About Electric Actuators & Robotics?
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Robots can make a huge difference to your productivity, but which type will be best for your business? You can't just buy them off the shelf, so working with the right partner and getting the right advice is key. LC Automation can give you all the support you need, so why not give our experts a call?

LC Automation is your Number 1 supplier of Electrical Actuators and Robots from IAI and Mitsubishi Electric.

Our range of IAI Electrical Actuators includes;

IAI Mini Actuators

IAI Mini Electrical Actuators at LC Automation

IAI EleCylinder

IAI EleCylinder at LC Automation

IAI Linear Actuators

IAI Linear Actuators at LC Automation

IAI Servo Press

IAI RCS3 Servo Press Electrical Actuators at LC Automation

IAI Rotary Drives

IAI Rotary Drives at LC Automation

IAI Grippers

IAI Electrical Grippers at LC Automation

IAI Cleanroom Actuators

IAI Cleanroom Electrical Actuators

IAI IP-protected Actuators

IAI IP Protected Electrical Actuators

IAI R-Unit Modular Controllers

IAI R-Unit Controllers

Our range of Mitsubishi Robots includes;

Assista Cobot

Mitsubishi Cobot


Robot Controllers

Horizontal Robots

Mitsubishi Horizontal Robot


Robot Software

Mitsubishi Robot Software image

Vertical Robots

Mitsubishi Vertical robot

Ready for a chat or looking for more information? Give us a call on 01254 685900 and we'll be happy to help.

Actuators and Robotics at LC Automation


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